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How to start a conference call with Readytalk


How to start a readytalk conference call and web presentation


  • Readytalk account: contact and they will contact Readytalk to acquire your personal account.  Provide a DaFIS billing ID.
  • Readytalk 7-digit access code and 4 digit Chairperson passcode.
  • Readytalk phone number for the country: 8667401260 for US
  • Readytalk website:
  • Conference phone.  You can use Readytalk with a computer microphone but the audio is not as good as a conference phone.

Step by step

Provide all your participants with the 7 digit access code, phone number, website, time to connect.

Web Presentations

Chairperson: Open the room via the website using the Chairperson fields.  The first time requires a plugin to be installed in your web browser. 

  • To upload a presentation, at the bottom of the web interface is a button that says "Insert Slides".  This will allow you to browse for your Powerpoint presentation.  It will upload and from there you can just click on a slide to show your presentation.
  • You can enable webcams at the top by pressing "Enable Camera".  This will bring up a vertical window of potential camera feeds.  At the top of this window, click "Use my camera" and a box will follow up asking to allow access. Click Allow and your camera should start.

Participants: Join the room via the website using the Participant field.  All participants using the web piece will be required to download a plugin the first time.


While Readytalk allows you to use your computer microphone via the web interface, the audio may vary depending on your connection (wireless, etc).  It is recommended to use a phone.

Chairperson: Call into the Readytalk phone number from the conference phone.  Enter your 7 digit access code followed by the #.  You will be prompted to press * if you are the chairperson.  Do so, then enter your 4 digit chairperson passcode followed by # (listen to the prompts). This activates the "room" and allows others to connect or join from the "lobby" if they called in before you.

Participants: Call into the same Readytalk phone number.  Enter the 7 digit access code provided to you by the Chairperson. You will be placed in a muzak-enabled "lobby" until the Chairperson also calls in and activates the "room".

Further information

If there is anywhere else the reader can go for more information on this topic, include some links or pointers here.

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